Things to avoid to get success in freelancing career

In the 21st century, we can find a wide range of possibilities to be active and to enjoy our profession. The work was never closer to us, and we must adapt to the new era when people are in the virtual contact separated miles away. This means that people are looking for alternative opportunities to work from any part of the globe as well as to keep work/ life balance under control. 

In this way, we have many freelancers doing their job diligently and constantly progressing on new projects. However, freelancers should be aware of possible mistakes in their profession. In the next rows, we will consider some of them.

Amount of work

The first mistake, freelancers could make, is accepting more work than they could handle. This is a serious mistake especially in the beginning of the freelancing career when people are not sure about their possibilities and are not realistic in the work estimation. Try to accept enough work for the usual 8-hour working day, and you will be able to finish everything on time. Don't try to please anyone by accepting more and always do your best.

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Free work

In the start of the freelancing career, many newcomers are willing to work for free. This is not something bad when you are not sure about personal qualifications and possibilities. But, do not go for free work all the time. Do not shy to ask for the fees that you deserve for the project. If you don't value your work, nobody else will. If you chose the be a freelancer, then you should know what is your job – to work and to be paid according to your effort. So, be open minded and positive about your work and everything will be fine.

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The value of your work

The next common mistake in the freelancing career is the impossibility to value the work. In case you don't know what the price of the concrete project is, try to consult with experts in freelancing branches. There are a lot of seminars talking about freelancing career, and you can find really useful information on them. The other opportunity is accepting the clients′ rate and working accordingly. No matter of the method, you should always be aware that each work has the value and you must learn to assess it.

Pretending that you know everything

The next mistake, in the freelancing profession, is thinking that you know everything. No matter of the category of the job you applied for, you consider it the right one for yourself. This stance has to do with self-confidence when people are convinced that they know everything. We must say that the self-confidence plays a significant role in the professional life, but you should not overestimate yourself. Try to be realistic; there are always some categories which you know less than the others. 

For this reason, you should always choose the work according to your qualifications and experience. In this way, your clients will be satisfied, and you will be successful in the long run.


Sourav Paul is a professional freelance content writer and he loves to create content that shows value. Working as a SEO content writer, Sourav has helped many organizations and websites to improve their presence online.