How much can you make monthly from online freelancing?

Freelancing is the new trend, and this is going to stay for a long time in this modern world where people are constantly looking for ways to earn extra bucks to get a better life. 

A Forbes study shows that 35% of US workforce is freelancers. 

I have seen many full-time workers, business owners, CEOs do freelancing to earn extra. Few people also do freelancing out of their passion for doing something that they can't do in the office or in a regular 9-5 job. 

If you search online, you will get to know about many millionaire freelancers who made a great life out of their freelancing skills. You will also find many freelancers who can earn only some bucks to pay their rent. 

So, how much can you make monthly from online freelancing? Well, that depends on many factors. 


Organizations are looking for more and more freelancers to get their work done at a very low price. But it does not mean you will get a shot at a big project. You are competing with hundreds and thousands of freelancers from all over the world with the same skill set like you.

Here come the continued learning and updating yourself. To keep yourself ahead in the race, you must prove your worth and why you are the better person for any project on your particular niche. Clients like to come back to the same freelancers whom they trust and from whom they get continuous and consistent work. 

A long term client can help you to earn a regular income and thus, you need to retain them with your skills and dedication. For example, if a client offers you $1000 for a project and if you give him the best work and he comes back to you for a similar project for once in a month, you are making a grand every month from one single client. 


How much you are going to earn depends on the amount of time you are going to invest as a freelancer. The more you work, the more you earn. 

As a newbie, if you charge a client $10/hour and you work for 40 hours every week, then you are making $400 a week or $1600 a month! The earning will keep growing as you get better at your job and you increase your hourly rate. 


As a freelancer, clients are your boss, and they are the one who is going to help you to earn big bucks but of course if you can give them the job that they are looking for. A happy client is more likely to recommend you to other clients and their colleagues who are going to increase your earning significantly. Earn their trust, and they will reward you with regular projects and clients. 

How long do you plan on freelancing? 

Freelancing is a career that is going to take shape after few years of hard work. You can not expect a quick result. Most of the successful freelancers are already working or planning to work as a freelancer for more than 10 years. 
Freelancing earning
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Types of services

There are several freelancing categories, and every category promises different pay scale. For example, if you are an intellectual property law expert, web developer or an SEO expert, you are most probably going to earn a lot if you are good at the job. Let's see some of the highest paying freelancing skills below: 
Freelancing skills
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So, the scope of earning is not scalable, but yet you can earn a lot if you are a full-time freelancer and if you are dedicated to providing the best work to your clients every time. 


Sourav Paul is a professional freelance content writer and he loves to create content that shows value. Working as a SEO content writer, Sourav has helped many organizations and websites to improve their presence online.