Advantages of custom domain name for a blog

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Getting a custom domain name is the first step towards your online presence. Domain name is the most convenient way to find you in this vast universe of web. However, getting the best domain name is not an easy task always. It needs a good research on your niche, and you need to dig through several domain names to find the best-suited domain name that is available for you to register. 

GoDaddy is one of the best and lightning fast domain name provider. So, hurry, get a domain name for your business and make a move forward. Here, we will discuss some of the advantages of a custom domain name for a blog. 

It is memorable and easy to discover

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A custom domain name is the easiest way to remember your business. Every business offers something unique in different niche. Whenever people are in need to find some information, they search it online. Blogs with easy and relevant domain name get discovered faster and quickly. 

Search Engine likes Custom Domain Names!

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Search engine likes a blog with a custom and relevant domain name. It allows your website to get found on the net and improves your SEO score. 

Get monetized faster

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If you want to earn some extra money by monetizing your blog, a custom domain is a must. Google Adsense takes a good custom domain seriously, and it increases your chance to get approved. 

Professional email address

If you are looking to create a professional impression, having a professional and custom email id is essential. However, you cannot create a custom email address with a subdomain. You must have a custom domain for this. 

Create subdomains

If you have a custom domain, you can easily create a subdomain such as or for your users. But, if you only have a subdomain, you will not be able to create another subdomain from it.


Online marketing is a must-have strategy for any business, and it is important that you take your domain registration seriously. Find an authentic and trusted domain provider and get your domain today. Once you have a domain registered, you can start building your online business thereafter. 


Sourav Paul is a professional freelance content writer and he loves to create content that shows value. Working as a SEO content writer, Sourav has helped many organizations and websites to improve their presence online.