Fine-tune your social media presence with this 5 killer-approaches - Freelance success tips

Right now the social media is one of the best ways to get in contact with potential prospects.

Therefore, having a strong presence online can dramatically increase the ranking of a personal website and create better chances for freelancers to be found by a potential client. Moreover, social media is one of the top places to get freelance success tips.

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Of course, social media can be very distracting, but if your goal is to market yourself as a freelancer, then you have to invest your time in creating a strong social media presence. 

A lot of freelances today think that having a strong social media presence is a waste of time, but reports from Elite freelancers has shown that high paying clients can be gotten through social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

The big question now is how does a freelancer increase his social media presence when working from home? 

This article is going to highlight 5 killer approaches that freelances could take to increase their online presence.

Guest post 

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Guest posting is one of the best ways for serious freelances to increase their social media presence. 
If you want to be known as a reputable freelancer, then you have to appear in prominent blogs that have high traffic. 

Doing this will put your expertise in front of millions of visitor and will ultimately shower you with the exposure you need to a freelancer.
If you are new to guest posting, then you should start small, and work your way up to high-end sites.

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Optimize social media profile

Your social media profile should say a lot about you as a freelancer.

You should use your real name, the kind of service that you can provide and brands or people that you have worked with in the past. 

Doing this will make it very easy for your visitors to see the kind of value you can provide.

To effectively optimize your social media profile, you have to use important keywords. 

Doing this will direct people that are in need of your services directly to you.
Freelancers who optimize their social media account are more likely to be discovered by high paying prospects. 

Create a Social Media Strategy

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Creating a social media strategy is one of the most essential freelance success tips. As a freelancer, you have to ensure that your social media accounts are purpose driven. To separate yourself from other freelancers using social media, you have to make a calendar. Your calendar should contain all events, posts and other important activities that you plan to embark on. Read this blog "Social Media Strategy and Planning Essentials – Strategy and Tactics" by Smartinsights to get more insights on how to create a killer social media strategy. 

Doing this will keep you organized.

Provide value to your audience 

A lot of people who visit social media pages are looking for something; it could be an answer to a question or tips and advice on a particular issue. 

As a freelancer working from home, you have to strive to provide value to your potential prospects through articles, videos and other means that you are convenient with. 

Doing this will make your visitors trust you and become more likely to hire or recommend you to their friend and colleagues.

Build strong relationships 

After posting on your social media accounts, chances are people will comment and ask questions. 
One of the most effective ways you can build a strong connection with your visitors is to respond to their comments and to provide meaningful answers to their questions. 

Doing this will make your visitors (potential clients) more likely to see you as someone they can trust and would like to work with. 

Final words

Marketing yourself as a freelancer working from home is not easy, but if you apply some of the killer tips in this article, you will reach a new height in your freelance career and have the opportunity to work with high paying clients who are in need of your services. 



Sourav Paul is a professional freelance content writer and he loves to create content that shows value. Working as a SEO content writer, Sourav has helped many organizations and websites to improve their presence online.