Inspiring stories of Freelance Minds - Rohan Chaubey

Rohan Chaubey is a Pro Content Strategist, an Award-Wining Blogger and the author of the renowned book "Make People Want You." His achievements and contributions are an inspiration to all the freelancers who want to take freelancing as a career. 

We have extended our admiration towards Rohan and requested to share his journey with us, and he was generous enough to share his story. Let us read what he has to say about freelancing. 

When did you start Freelancing?

12 months ago.

On what niche do you work as a freelancer?

Growth Strategist for mid-size B2B and B2C businesses.

What made you take the leap into Freelancing?

I started freelancing without knowing I was freelancing.

What were the biggest initial hurdles to building your business and how did you overcome them?

To convince companies or businesses that I am young, but my ideas can help them make millions. Only after I demonstrated case studies and social proof, they were convinced.

What has been your greatest moment of success in your freelance journey? 

Every day is a success for me. I have videos, testimonials, media coverage and recommendations all over the internet proving how my help has completely changed the life of my clients. :)

How do you want to inspire other fellow freelancers? 

Leading by example

Well, Thank you Rohan for your time and your generosity to share your story, thoughts and freelance success tips with us. We wish to read more of your books and articles and keep inspiring us!  


Sourav Paul is a professional freelance content writer and he loves to create content that shows value. Working as a SEO content writer, Sourav has helped many organizations and websites to improve their presence online.