4 Tips to Improve your Google search results ranking

4 Tips to Improve your Google search results ranking

People, who have a website, are always worried about how to rank higher on Google and, by doing so, improving the number of visits they get on it; which by the way is a fact. Are you one of those people? Look no further. Below are four Tips to Improve your Google search results ranking.

Google search results ranking

1. Avoid keeping on your website pages that don't add up quality to it

Remember, that quality is always better than quantity. If you have added pages that feature content that feels unnecessary, that doesn't add any value, or that doesn't help to the purpose of your website, be sure that it will feel like filler, and act like it. Maybe you have created these pages just for the sake of featuring additional content, having something new to show to your visitors or maybe these didn't come across as expected and later their purpose lost value.

You may feel that you are doing something good by adding them; in fact, you are just doing damage your website's ranking.

2. Improve your website solving its technical issues

If your website has various technical issues, be aware that it will affect the way you get featured in Google's search results. For example, not taking care of broken links, having missing images or forgetting to tag the titles of your website accordingly will affect how Google features it in their search results. A website that has a lot of technical issues not only will be deemed defective, it will also discourage visitors from spending more time on it.


3. Use SEO techniques on your website to increase its visits

Search engine optimization will help improve your website's traffic. These techniques take into account the criteria Google uses to rank websites on their search results pages. They may change over time so be sure the techniques you are using are updated to the latest criteria Google utilizes. From time to time these characteristics can change. 

Some of the more common SEO techniques you can use to benefit your website are using keywords at the beginning of the posts or the content you are writing, avoid using more than 5% of the total text of that page for keywords, though. There are lots of SEO techniques, but the important thing is to remember that almost all content can be improved when using them.

4. Make sure to optimize your title and description box

The title of each of the pages on your website is very important. It is what shows up on the result pages when people search for the themes you address on your website. The same thing can be said about the description box. If your website has an adequate title and description box and is still struggling to get on the first results of the result pages of the niche you address, it may not have the most suitable title or description for the content your website offers.

If you are having problems with improving your site's traffic, apply these techniques and see its traffic improve as never before!


Sourav Paul is a professional freelance content writer and he loves to create content that shows value. Working as a SEO content writer, Sourav has helped many organizations and websites to improve their presence online.