Updated List - Top 11 free SEO tools to try in 2018

Content Marketing Agency - List of Free 11 SEO Tools to Try in 2018!

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Search Engine Optimisation is essential for the advancement of a website. A lot of hard work is needed to build a good website, and so you will need a lot of tools for highlighting all the minor mistakes. So having free tools and best content marketing agency simplifies the process, and this list of11 free SEO tools which you can use in 2018 can help you to optimize your site.


Ahrefs is a free SEO tool which enables a person to easily check the person who is linking with them or is linking with the competitors. It will make them see the source of the links and all the related lost backlinks.


With the help of the browseo, you can easily review your website in a way in which the search engine will see it. This will enable you to easily see the version of the bare bones of the site that will help you to make some improvisations which are needed. It is considered to be helpful when it comes to showing a person the hierarchy which they have provided to the particular elements.


Looking into the growing Plagiarism, this free SEO Plagiarism checker has been launched that can quickly let a person detect all the duplicate content. It will analyze the phrases which are similar to the already existing phrases in the web. If you run a website, then you must know that how important it is to upload unique content in the blog post or site to rank yourself higher in the search engines. All you have to do is just put the URL of the blog post or website, and this SEO tool will show the results of the existing plagiarism and whether the content is free of plagiarism.

Find broken links

This tool is used for providing the link report where the Ninja Internet Marketers will go through the entire website and will highlight all the links insight also with the external and the internal links which requires some fixing.

Google AdWords keyword planner

Source: Search Engine Land

Google AdWords keyword planner is a free SEO tool which enables a person to look into the insight and analyze the volume of the monthly searches related to the particular keyword and will also reveal all the count of competition which is present in the market. It will also reveal the expenditures related to the advertising for the sponsored links. It will also provide us with some suggested keywords which you can easily use alongside the original keyword for increasing the traffic.

Google analytics

It is a widely used and a reliable analytical tool. With the use of this tool, you can easily get the statistics related to the traffic, insights to the gain of the audience and many more.

Google page speed Insight

It is an essential tool for the website because once you enter the URL of your website this tool will analyze the loading time and will test the performance of the website in both mobile and desktop.

Google Webmaster Tools

For optimizing the website in the search engine of Google, you can use this tool. All you have to do is sign in for getting started, and it is free to use and very easy.

Open Site Explorer

This is a tool provided by Moz for analysing the links. It helps you to research the backlinks easily, find opportunities for link building, discover the damaged links, social activity, analysing the anchor text and many more. With the help of this tool, you can easily analyse your website and get more information.


For identifying the diversity of anchor text, you can use this tool for generating the report for highlighting the areas where the chances of anchoring text are there over optimisation.

Screaming frog

This is a tool which is installed in desktops for fetching the elements on the key on site.

These few tools enable a person to optimize their websites efficiently. Starting from the loopholes to the improvisation required to be made, you will get a proper guide with the help of these free SEO tools.

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